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    Lols yes, we removed a strap from the case of the MM5 for this reason. I agree it’s (was) way too much work. But, confused here, have you experienced this new improved TurboQuickRelease3000SingleBand technology with the MM5 case?

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    Tomas commented  · 

    Awesome hah. I just bought the modmic 4.0 from antlion store on amazon since I got some Bose headphones for Christmas because my girlfriend was tired of hearing my friends yell at me over discord from my desktop speakers (screw those nublets tho) anyways the microphone on the Bose is terrible since it utilizes telephone quality Bluetooth signal so you have to pick between good sound or shit sound shit mic. That's where the modmic 4.0 came in. I've heard awesome reviews from friends, family, amazon, twitch, grindr etc...Or so at least I thought, I can't get but a whisper of response out of the thing which brought me to the site to beg support to replace this obvious defective one. I got a response email that burns me through a pretty lost list of support of which I've already done myself mostly. I'm hoping I get some real help here soon or I'll have to do the amazon return thing and then end up watching twilight myself before posting a harsh review. We shall see my sweet tiny dancer.

    - You have to call me Dragon

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