BASICS - The ModMic's Base Clasps and the 3M adhesive they use

I removed my 3M base clasp and want to know if I can re-stick it to another surface. How do I get it to become sticky again?

  • Washing the 3M surface with soapy water (however strange that seems) and heating the sticky surface can renew some of the original stickiness.
  • If you've already tried the soap and water and heat solutions and the pads still won't stick, you can replace the 3M adhesive. While we don't have the individual pads available through our store, you can buy the 3M material separately:
    Bulk Roll:
    Pack of Six: The six-pack is a little thicker than our 3M pads, and you'll have to trim them a bit, but the adhesive is still 3M and will stick the same way our stock pads will.

Will the sticky gray foam be hard to remove or leave a residue or mark on my headphones?

  • Prying at the Base Clasp’s edge can help start its removal. The adhesive foam comes off in one piece with a bit of force, and leaves little residue. Anything left behind is easily cleaned off.
  • Using your fingernail to pry off the Base Clasp should be enough. No tools necessary.
  • Remember, the adhesive is by 3M so it adheres very well to non-porous surfaces. Exercise caution!

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