BASICS - Setting up your ModMic

Our Base Clasps attach to your headphones (or almost any other spot you can think of). You then attach the ModMic itself to it using the corresponding Boom Clasp. With a bit of creative thinking, the ModMic can become a standing desktop mic!
  1. Choose a flat or moderately-curved spot that can fit a half-inch diameter circle.
  2. The 3M adhesive our Base Clasps use will create a secure bond on most every headphone metal/plastic/mesh.
  3. Please be aware that 3M does not stick well to rubberized surfaces.
  4. Make sure the headphone surface is cleaned with an alcohol pad (included with every ModMic purchase) and the 3M pad is untouched before attachment (oils from your skin can weaken the adhesive).
  5. Allow the area to dry, then press and hold the Base Clasp to the prepared area for 30 seconds. Let it cure for an hour before regular use.
  6. For “difficult” surfaces such as open mesh designs, 3M recommends warming the adhesive (such as with a hair dryer) before attaching it to the prepared area. We've heard of some people using a lighter, but we don't recommend it; your mileage will definitely vary.
  7. Both the boom shape and length - including the length of the boom located behind the Boom Clasp - are adjustable so the microphone will always be where you need it.
  8. Our Warranty has you covered!
Can the mic only be placed on one side of my headphones?
  • By default, the ModMic is designed to be placed on the left side of your headphones. However, you can re-bend the strain relief and attach it to the right side of your headphones as well. The strain relief is the “U” bend on the back of the mic. Simply straighten the bend and the re-bend it in the opposite direction. Always ensure your strain relief is pointing down to reduce the stress placed on the wiring.
  • Make sure that the side with the microphone icon on it is closest to your mouth (Uni-Directional version).  


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