BASICS - Troubleshooting

Can't get any sound from your ModMic?

Is the sound too low or too funky (not "James Brown" funky, but "sounds weird" funky)? 

Below is a list of things to try out before contacting us.
  1. Does toggling the mute switch do anything to the signal?
  2. Does manipulating the ModMic's cable near the 3.5mm jack, mute switch, and/or the boom do anything to the signal?
  3. Most 3.5mm mics will need mic boost- is that on?
  4. Do different 3.5mm jack mics have the same problem on the same device/computer?
  5. Does the same issue occur with your ModMic on any other device/computer?
  6. Do you have other audio input devices/microphones that could be interfering?
  7. Do you have access to a USB adapter, such as this one or this one?
If you still have issues, feel free to contact us at

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